About us

We are an online  bitcoin merchandise store helping to drive awareness and adoption of bitcoin by offering our unique designs on a range of quality  t-shirts,  hoodies,  mugs,  hats and more. 

Like many others, we first stumbled upon bitcoin as a speculative investment opportunity. But as we fell further and further down the rabbit hole, we realised it was so much more. 

The amazing thing about the global bitcoin community is our variety and diversity. We’re from different backgrounds, have different motivations and interests and differing levels of technicality. But we are united in our fight for financial empowerment, privacy and decentralisation. 

We wanted to create  bitcoin t-shirts and  merchandise to celebrate this passion in the same way you would your favourite band or movie. While we offer loud and proud  bitcoin t-shirts, we also understand the concerns around OPSEC and privacy. As such, we’ve worked hard to create a great range of discrete and inconspicuous designs for our  bitcoin merchandise.   

We hope that our store can help contribute to the awareness, education and adoption of bitcoin. It was really important to us that we could accept bitcoin payments through a secure and private payment processor. For this reason we use  BTCPay Server which enables us to take payments with no third party involvement and 0% fees. But we do understand if you want to hold onto your precious bitcoin and pay in fiat money... keep calm and HODL on!